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We offer to pass our course of training Forex trading, which carries only the proven algorithm of actions in analysis of future movements on financial instruments of forex market. By means of which you will be able to analyze the market adequately, that is to analyze really influencing on the future price factors.

Quality of training materials on the forex market in the world library?

It so happened that due to certain factors, now in the world Library of knowledge, there is a great variety of methods of forex market analysis, only sadness is that 95% of them analyze factors that do not affect the future of price movements. This is truly a sad fact.

Trading has turned into entertainment.

How to recognize really high-quality training?

Before learning, you should understand what training to choose. And here initially it is necessary to understand how the forex market works at all-about it now we shall talk.

In the market the future price of instruments (eur usd, gbp usd, xau usd) primarily depends on the current demand and supply between market participants-for a better understanding I will give an example in which we share the participants of the forex market two types:
1. Market guests (traders, companies, etc ...)
2. The owners of the market (large banks makers, or in other words «sources of liquidity»). "Sources of liquidity" because they have one simple duty - to provide any demand of the guests of the market, that is, if for example, all guests of the market, as one, will want to buy eur/usd, the bank market maker (source of liquidity) must sell eur/usd to guests! So, let's imagine that for the current day (or last week or even month) there was a situation in which the price was traded in a narrow range, and in this range 80% of the market guests bought eur/usd, the source of liquidity accordingly sold them-that is, guests of market stand in the position to buy, and the source of liquidity in the position to sale. Question: where in this situation will the price of eur/usd move? Of course, the price will fall because the source of liquidity is in the position to sell, and the price will decrease until the situation in the pair is changed to the opposite.

In general, as you may have already understood-we should understand in what position the source of liquidity is and what is the main mass of market participants. To do this, we need to analyze qualitatively exclusively within market information:
trading volume;
volume price levels;
open positions of market participants;
open orders of market participants;
peculiarities of crowd behavior on certain market actions;
the specifics of the influence of central banks on the market, and other fundamental actions in combination with the aforementioned within market factors;

Forex training - course content

forex training, forex training course.

Forex training - course content
Forex training - course content
1. Market choice, Forex or CME, and what's the difference.
2. Choosing a broker.
3. Who and how manages the market.
4. The principle and stages of price movement, trends.
5. We learn to use three assistants, which define the direction «sources of liquidity» (Levels, live volume of participants, open interest of participants).
6. The most common traps for the crowd, for you is profit.
7. The role and understanding of economic news, what news affects the direction of the price, and what news affects only the price noise.
8. Peculiarities of the behavior of the market owners (liquidity sources).
9. Market owners in relation to trading sessions.
10. Risk management
Forex training - course content
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